“The 14 song collection…gives the listener the sense of being in the room during one of De Lory’s soaring live shows, complete with uplifting soul jams, mantras, and songs…” —LA Yoga DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“Donna De Lory, the ultimate Earth Mama with the unparalleled voice and dance grooves, is a leading lady in the field of devotional music.”

—Lloyd Bard/Whole Life Times DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

[Universal Light Remixes from The Unchanging and Bonus Tracks] is another beautiful example of the successful bridge between world devotional music and electronica.—LA Yoga DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“Donna De Lory the ultimate Earth Mama with the unparalleled voice and deep dance grooves…” —Lloyd Barde/Common Ground DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

Elixir album interview with Donna De Lory and Dave Stringer on Soul Traveller Radio LISTEN TO INTERVIEW ON SOUNDCLOUD

“…Donna De Lory’s new album, The Unchanging, is a devotional banquet.”— John Malkin/Spirituality & Health DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“…these songs connect the personal with the universal, seamlessly blending evocative English lyrics with the heart-opening power of ancient Sanskrit mantras.” — Alan Di Perna/Yoga Journal DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“The first truly stunning devotional pop music.”— Lloyd Barde/Common Ground DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“She injects dance-infused grooves and pop sensibilities into many songs, and offers a softer, more personal delivery on others…”— Joe Kara/LAYoga DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“World electronica artists and remix masters… take De Lory’s luminous vocals to new heights with soaring melodies and hypnotic rhythms.”—Katherine Rae/Yoga Journal DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“…the light at the center of this swirling universe is the crystal clear heart-opening sound of Donna De Lory’s exquisite voice, which draws listeners to the inner realms while the electronica grooves keep the head nodding and the body swaying.”—Michael Diamond/Awareness DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“…she’s stopped making set lists and instead tunes into what each particular audience wants to hear, blending world music, Sanskrit chants, Christian hymns and pop into a unique alchemical creation that seems to hit listeners just right.”—Abigail Lewis/Whole Life Times DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

“‘Yoga helped me get back in shape,’ says De Lory, who keeps her yoga mat next to her daughter’s play mat.”—Fit Yoga DOWNLOAD ARTICLE


Beautiful Quotes

“Donna DeLory doesn’t simply sing or play musical instruments. She invokes. She uplifts. Her sounds are truly angelic.”—Marianne Williamson

“Playing music is my yoga, it’s my bliss. When I play, I get lost in the music, my mind stops, I am in the moment and I am free. This is a place I never want to leave.” —Donna De Lory

“Donna has one of the most beautiful and alluring voices that has ever been heard on the planet.”—Krishna Das

“Donna is the perfect combination of earth mama and fairy child. She’s grounding, sublime and soulful (with a) voice that oscillates between passionate laments reminiscent of Janis Joplin and the crystal clarity of Enya.”—Sharon Gannon

“I’ve always admired Donna’s voice; her songwriting is poignant and heartfelt.”—Madonna

“Donna rocks us again with the divine elixir of her extraordinary voice remixed with new music alchemy for yoga, dance, and making love to life… Donna’s concerts bring the house down and raise the sky.”—Shiva Rea

“For Donna De Lory, creating music has always meant melding the sensual and rhythmic sides of her soul into a compelling tuneful blend that exposes her fragility as well as her strength.”

—YogaWorks, Costa Mesa CA

Universal Light Remixes From The Unchanging and Bonus Tracks One Sheet