Hot Gandinga

Hot Gandinga is a release by Donna’s late father Al DeLory – “I was so fortunate to grow up with a Father that was an extremely talented musician/producer. My Father’s passion for making great music influenced me at a very young age to be a singer and musician as well. I always felt a special connection with him, being kindred spirits who shared the same dream. In the late 1960’s when my Father was producing Glen Campbell, I remember running around the halls of Capitol records and playing in the room where all of the vinyl records were stored. It was exciting to be in the studio with my Dad while he produced records or hang out backstage at the Universal Amphitheater looking out onto the stage while he conducted the orchestra for a live performance. I am so proud of my Father’s life’s work and the history of great music he has contributed to. I carry on his legacy now and when I make music I can still hear his words saying, ” It’s all about writing great songs”. At the age of 60 he went back to his roots and formed a Latin Salsa band in Nashville, Tennessee. He was always learning, traveling to Cuba and challenging himself to play very difficult piano music. I treasure the memory of his beautiful hands playing the piano days before he died at the age of 82. I was blessed to be there by his side singing along.”